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Connect Counseling, LLC

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Connect Counseling serves adults who are seeking mental health counseling in Augusta for trauma, depression and anxiety. 

Who We Are

About Me


Sarah Harris, LCSW, CCTP is a mental health therapist with more than 15 years experience in treating adult survivors of childhood abuse, adult onset trauma and military combat trauma.  She also treats adults with anxiety and depression.  Sarah is trained in both Cognitive Processing Therapy and Accelerated Resolution Therapy, both of which are treatment interventions specifically developed to treat trauma.

Our Treatment Focus


Treatment at Connect Counseling is based on assisting individuals in moving from simply surviving their daily lives to engaging by assisting them to connect to self, others and to life.  Often times individuals report that they feel that therapy is acknowledging weakness.  At Connect Counseling we believe that the strongest thing you will ever do is to acknowledge when you cannot do it yourself and reach out for help.

Payment Options


Most major insurance policies accepted including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Beacon, United Healthcare, UMR, Optum, Magellan and Tricare. The client must meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis to use health insurance for payment.  HSA and FSA also accepted.  Self-payment is also available by cash, check or credit card.  Self-payment rates are $120 for the initial session and $110 for each additional session.




If you are an adult survivor of childhood abuse, a survivor of adult onset trauma or survivor of military combat trauma, let me help you.  If you are too easily startled, have difficulty functioning in crowds, have to be able to see the exits in public spaces or experience nightmares or flashbacks, you may be struggling with trauma.  There are treatment modalities that can help and together we can decide what can help you connect to life.



Do you find yourself worrying constantly, consistently trying to prepare for the worst, have difficulty with focus and concentration due to anxiety?  Therapy can help you to manage your anxiety so that it is no longer managing you. 



Does it feel as if getting out of bed is more an effort than it should be?  Do you feel sad most of the time, lonely, experiencing changes in your appetite or sleep?  You may be struggling with depression.  Therapy can help you to move through the fog and connect to your life.

Group Therapy

Healthy Connections

What to expect: Healthy Connections is a women-only group with a focus of providing support and education regarding the challenges of developing healthy lifestyle changes.  Each session includes an education component on a particular lifestyle area to include stress reduction, healthy eating, movement, sleep and Mindfulness.  

Who is in the group? Healthy Connections will have no more than 7 group participants.  All participants must be receiving individual therapy from a licensed therapist in the community. 

When is group? Group meets from 5:30pm to 7:00pm the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month for 4 months (8 total group sessions). Each group member is asked to commit to attending all 8 sessions. This is a closed group which means that once the cycle begins, any new participants will need to wait until the next 4 month cycle.

Where? Group is held at the office of Connect Counseling located at 6 George C. Wilson Court, Suite B Augusta, GA 30909. 

Cost? This group is not billed to insurance and is $25.00 per session.

Interested? If you are interested in participating in Healthy Connections, have your individual therapist contact Connect Counseling for an initial screening by phone at 706-750-9406 or by email at Sarah@ConnectCounseling.health . You will then be contacted individually to receive your intake packet.  


Additional Services

Community Education

Connect Counseling also offers community education presentations ideal for awareness and advocacy related to sexual abuse and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  These presentations provide clinically-based information in a format for the general public.  Presentations are 2 hours in length, but can be modified to meet your organization's time constraints.  

Not sure if your organization would benefit? Consider these questions: 1) Do the members of your organization know the warning signs of sexual abuse? 2) Do the members of your organization know how to talk to a child who demonstrates signs that they have been abused? 3) Do you have any members of your organization who are impacted by trauma by either direct experience or the experience of a loved one? 4) Do the members of your organization know the common triggers for those who have a trauma history? Each of these questions are addressed in one of our community education presentations.  Connect Counseling can help you build a more inclusive community that feels emotional safe for everyone and reduce the stigmas associated with these issues.   Fees for this service are negotiated based on the need of the organization.


Contact Us

How To Get Started

Call 706-750-9406 for an initial screening.  If we are with another client, please leave a message and we will return your call.

If you prefer you can also email to Sarah@ConnectCounseling.health for an initial screening or to ask questions.

Connect Counseling, LLC

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